Considering working with Liz to transition your career? Here's what you should expect in a one-on-one coaching program:

Depending on where you are on your career and life transition journey, Liz builds an individual program for you based on her custom 4-step career transition process. Dedicated to providing guidance and support each step of the way, Liz meets with you up to 4 times/month, and is available via email, phone and text.


Develop Clarity and Confidence

During this stage, Liz will help you:

  • Drive clarity around what types of work will be most satisfying to you, by identifying your key character strengths, core values, interests and transferable market skills
  • Develop your personal career/life mission statement
  • Build a vision for what your ideal future looks and feels like
  • Believe you have what it takes to get wherever you want to go next
  • Start to make any health/exercise/lifestyle changes you need in order to start feeling more like yourself


During this stage, Liz will help you:

  • Discover outside of the box opportunities, entrepreneurial and corporate, that align with your unique core values and skillset
  • Prove that your life and career vision exist


During this stage, Liz will help you:

  • Plan your finances & budget
  • Understand how to break into a new career, industry, or role
  • Plan your current career exit strategy, depending on timing, risk tolerance and budget


During this stage, Liz will help you:

  • Turn your vision into a reality, whether it's a new corporate job or entrepreneurship
  • Update your LinkedIn profile
  • Build a website and get your first clients, if choosing entrepreneurial route
  • Tailor your resume to new role and apply for jobs, if you're going the corporate route
  • Overcome fears/setbacks that are common during a big transition, so you keep moving forward

The Investment

Custom Career Transition Programs begin at $1,500 and require an "all-in" mindset

Ready to take the next step towards loving your career?

New to Coaching and still a little nervous about making the investment?
I get it. I've been there and want to make this process as comfortable and transparent as possible. Learn more about me, and check out my blog to learn when to hire a coach, and more about the coaching industry.